The Authority shall have the power to issue Standing Orders or codes of Practice in respect of operating or managing the port as a commercial undertaking and for that purpose may levy such port charges, fees and rates whatsoever arising from the management and operation of the ports and may similarly increase, decrease or abolish any such charge, fee or rate, thirty days after publication.

 Provide services for a fee within a port including:

  1. Berthing, towing, mooring, moving , or docking of any vessel
  2. Embarking or disembarking passengers to or from any vessel, including the provision of landing-places;
  3. Providing lighterage or to appoint, licence and regulate lighterage operatiors;
  4. Piloting any vessel
  5. Installing and maintaining marine navigation aids but subject to the powers of the Secretary;
  6. Sorting, weighing, measuring, storing, warehousing or otherwise handling any goods; and
  7. Supplying fuel, water or telephone services or other goods and services to vessels; or for rendering assistance to any vessels or recovering property lost, sunk or stranded;
  8. Do all things necessary or convenient to be done in connection with or incidental to the performance of its functions under the Act or any other enactment.

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