Work underway for upgrade of Faua domestic wharf

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Today, Nuku’alofa’s waterfront has been buzzing with construction activities at the project site in the laying of groundwork for the new domestic ferry transport.

Under the close monitoring of the Ports Authority Tonga and the Government of Tonga and the Government of Japan's TOA Constructions work are underway on the Faua basin

In the past weeks, following the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the project, excavators and specialists survey systems have conducted the preliminary reclamation work by dredging the waterfront.

The mobile plant and resources of the TOA, combined with the expertise of the PAT and the Ministry of Infrastructure, and various local subcontractors, gives the project a competitive advantage –to perform this refurbishment work to the Faua basin. Cranes and piling equipment appropriate to Tonga’s environmental conditions are conducting clearance work.

Despite the fact that building wharf structures can be complex to work with, requiring multi-disciplines techniques and innovative solutions for working within Nuku’alofa’s waterfront marine tidal zone, Ports Authority Tonga works collectively with TOA Construction engineers to offer strong innovative value-engineering solutions to these challenges.

The Ports Authority Tonga, with the leadership of the Ports Master and PAT management, having a good understanding of the existing structures of the Port of Nuku’alofa complements the work that is underway.

According to a statement by the Ports Authority Tonga CEO, Mosese Lavemai, "On Day 75 of the project, the work that we see unfolding today, has been up to the task showing leadership in planning and execution of various stakeholders."

“Our key expectations for the project, including quality of construction, timely completion and project health and safety for everyone are well met and continue to exceed our aspirations for this new infrastructural development of the Port of Nuku’alofa.”


Issued by the Ports Authority Tonga, Nuku'alofa.





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