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  1. PAT: Ports Authority Tonga
  2. FISA: Friendly Island Shipping Agency
  3. TAL: Tonga Airport Limited
  4. TBC: Tonga Broadcasting Commission
  5. TCC: Tonga Communications Corporation
  6. TCL: Tonga Cable Limited.
  7. TDB: Tonga Development Bank
  8. TFPL: Tonga Forests Products Limited
  9. TPOST: Tonga Post Limited
  10. TPOWER: Tonga Power Limited
  11. WAL: Waste Authority Limited
  12. Tongatapu Market Limited (no website)
  13. TWB: Tonga Water Board (no website)
  14. TPL: Tonga Print Limited (no website)
  15. TEQM: Tonga Exports Quality Management Limited. (no website)
  16. TAMA: Tonga Asserts Managers & Associates Limited.(no website)

1.       Tonga Assets Managers & Associates Limited (TAMA)

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